Christ Rules

Who is Jesus Christ?

The central question of this age and any other

Ancient scrolls of papyrus paper with Hebrew text

The Inscripturate Torah is the same as the Incarnate Torah

If you can answer this question well, then you have answered the most important question in history. Then all other questions are put into their proper context and real answers can be found.

Jesus Christ is the walking Torah of God. He is the incarnate LawWord of Jehovah, the Law of Moses made flesh. He not only kept the Law perfectly He was the embodiment of the Torah. In Himself He gave complete and full meaning to all the Law. He put it into force, into action, in every relationship in His life.

To be Christ-like, to bear His image, to follow Him, we also must be walking Torahs, putting the Mosaic Law into force over the things we have jurisdiction over – our thoughts and imaginations, our bodies, our time, our home and family, our relationships, our money, our contracts, and our vocations.

Thus, we must have the same inspired attitude towards Biblical Law that Psalm 119 demonstrates for us.

The Pharisees, like many today, refused to believe that Christ is the Incarnate Torah or, conversely, that the Torah is Christ Inscripturate.

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