Christ Rules

Where Socialism Comes From

The Bible is criticized for allowing for slavery. But slavery in Scripture was strictly voluntary. It is a fact that many people have a slave mentality. They can not or would rather not cope with the responsibilities of a free life. This is not a moral failure or sin but a fact of life.

Trying to force such people to be free simply prompts them to look for other ways to avoid responsibility and freedom. A popular and easy choice is socialism where those who cater to the slave mentality are put in charge of the free people as well.

Having slaves in charge is a curse and happens when free men forsake Biblical Law. Then we have an upside down world, always subsidized by fiat money, that vexes anyone who can still think rationally.

Rather than impotently documenting and complaining about the mechanisms and steps by which all this happens, we must over come this evil by embracing Biblical Law, reconstructing all things according to it and building the institutions that allow for the systematic renewal of men’s minds according to it.