Christ Rules

We are born into a law world

  • Toni Cunningham:

    ‎”We are born into a law world – physical law, family law, church law, school law, civil law, and so on. We cannot escape from law: law is inseparable from life and is a condition of it. Not even death affords an escape from law, in that,… physically and religiously, we remain in God’s universe of law. The same is true of economics. From birth to death, our lives are economically oriented and involved, and every aspect of our lives involves economic considerations. In fact, the progress of man requires the greater development, in terms of God’s word, of law and economics.” ~ R.J. Rushdoony (1975) (Thx: JCT)
  • Kurt: school law? I don’t see that in Scripture. Do you?
  • Arnold Jagt: If you work for an employer you have to show up on time or you get fired. It is voluntary private contract law. Same with schools. You have to show up, do the work assigned, and demonstrate knowledge or you don’t pass. Life is encompassed with law in many dimensions. These laws are beneficial when built on the foundation of Biblical Law.

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