Christ Rules

The Gulf Stream vs the Doldrums

DoldrumsImagine the great Gulf Stream, a current of water circling the Northern Atlantic if you will. Where the current is coherent, real progress is made for all that is in it. However, where there is turbulence a part of the current is diverted and starts to split off and go in circles eventually making up that part of the ocean called doldrums. Sailing ships that get caught in the doldrums go no where. Same with aquatic life there.

Gods LawWord is the stream of life. Within its current there is meaning and purpose as it carries it’s adherents to the goal of the kingdom of Christ. If you get caught outside of the current by some turbulent heresy or other, you can find yourself spinning your wheels going nowhere and eventually dying in the doldrums of meaninglessness and purposelessness.

Attending Pocket College will teach you how to swim within the stream of Biblical law and avoid being caught in the heresies that divert so many into the doldrums.

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