Christ Rules

Seven Reasons Not to be Despondant

Several things have served to make me immune to the despondency that I once was susceptible to and I see others trapped in.
1. The eucatastrophe: and explain it. It is at the heart of God’s modus operandi.
2. Biblical Law – God’s tool of dominion. He will defeat our enemies and bless us (our posterity) if we obey Him. This is the opposite of the power religion our enemies worship. Christ is the very incarnation of Biblical Law and He likewise defeated His enemies through obedience.
3. Listening to Rushdoony is an antidote to negativity as he is a thorough going post-millennialist. A lesson a day keeps the blues away. Listen here:
4. RJR explained that there is a 150 year delay between philosophers articulating something and the man on the street living it out. We are seeing humanism (secular and baptized), the religion of death, at the end of that life span. They are committing suicide and will soon be no more. God’s kingdom is forever.
5. Bad guys only serve to excite Christians to action in God’s economy. So we should respond to them by getting our act together rather than be defeated by them.
6. Fear is an act of worship and should only be given to God and never to man or the future or anything else in any way shape or form. See: Overcoming the Fear Within: A Guide to Freedom Through God’s Word –
7. Don’t let trace mineral deficiencies get you down. Have yourself tested to see if you are short on anything and supplement. Easy and cheap. As far as defeating disease there are the politically incorrect supplements. Be thankful if you do not have health insurance.  It makes you unattractive to the medical industrial complex and its “kindnesses” leaving you free and motivated to explore alternatives.