Christ Rules

Reconstruction and Deconstruction

As we reconstruct all things in terms of the Crown Rights of Christ we must at the same time deconstruct all the old and new constructs built previously in terms of man as god, man as the definer of good and evil.

It would be great if we could simply start from scratch with a new city state with Biblical Law as the rule of the land.  Right now we do not have that situation so we must proceed piecemeal.

Can we throw out the secular calendar we have now without making provision for instituting the Biblical calendar? No.

Can we implement a reform of marriage, government, economics,etc., without a commitment to all of Scripture as the rule and standard of life? No.

Can we document these things before we attempt to implement them? Yes.

What about the reconstruction of our diet, our dress, an other more individual and family oriented things. Yes, some of these we can implement and should. For the things which require community cooperation we have to go through a community process of reconstruction including reeducation and reorientation.

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