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RJ Rushdoony probably had an IQ of around 200. He spent 14 hours a day reading and studying, 6 days a week. He read 1-3 books a day starting when he was 14 and continuing through his entire life.  He spent 3 years teaching the Institutes of Biblical Law, faithfully recording every lesson. These were then sent to George Calhoun who faithfully maintained the tapes in the Mt Olive Tape Library for 35 years or so. Now they have been digitized and are presented at I cannot overstate the importance of these audio lessons. They form the foundation of the next stage of Christendom.

Now we have taken it to the next level: transcription. All 10-11 million words have been transcribed and are available in searchable form here:

You are able to search the archive for anything Rushdoony has said, confirm quotes, get the full picture on any topic he talks about, pull quotes for a million uses, etc. The transcriptions have time stamps to allow instant location of a particular audio segment. Being published in MediaWiki format will allow for continuous improvement in the cross-linking and reference quality of the content.

This will allow a complete Bible index of Rushdoony’s work: look up everything Rushdoony had to say related to a passage of Scripture.

We are already planning browser plugin’s that will give you the top Rushdoony quotes relevant to any web page you are looking at.

If funding allows we will work to scan in all of Rusdoony’s library to capture his notes as well.

More important is what this means for God’s Kingdom. Bottom line: We are looking at the body of Rushdoony’s life’s work that will form the foundation for the next stage of Christian civilization. It must be made fully accessible so that Rushdoony can be made to speak to every issue that comes up, whether to deconstruct humanism or to reconstruct that issue in terms of Christ. We need to equip an army of Christians to populate blogs and social media with Rushdoony’s thinking on every topic.

There is no escape from the formula of Scripture as regards the cure of souls, whether that of individuals or churches or nations.

a) Preaching and Teaching Biblical Law (as the standard of right and wrong)

b) Confession of Sins (violations of that standard).

c) Repentance (turning away from those sins).

d) Penance (visible acts to prove repentance).

e) Restitution (paying for the damage done and the lost productivity).

f) Healing (atonement of Christ covering the sin and giving wholeness)

See: The Cure of Souls by RJ Rushdooony (Recovering the Biblical Doctrine of Confession)

The Pocket College Fund is a serious positive effort to complete step a) without which we cannot proceed to the next steps.

All of this is to grow a culture of godly people that will manifest the Kingdom of God, not for just the 1-2 generations or so of the Puritan experiment, but for hundreds of generations, till the knowledge of the LORD covers the earth like the waters cover the seas.

Permission Document from Chalcedon

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