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The Morality of Money

‎”Doug: I’m a huge fan of Rand; she was an original and a genius. But just because someone like her, or me, sees the high moral value of money, that doesn’t mean that it’s all that important to them.” from Conversations with Casey

That money can have high moral value can itself only be true within the context of Biblical Law. Then money becomes an indicator of how well we serve one another in an economy (outside the family), building society, providing reinforcement for godly character and discipline, increasing coherence that results in ever greater prosperity.

Outside of Biblical Law money can be perverted in too many ways to count through legalized theft, usury, and exploitation. But this is exactly where we find ourselves.

What is the way out of this mess? It is through bearing on another’s burdens in the name of Christ. Need more details (and we all do)? See:

p.s. Fiat money is technically an oxymoron I believe. Fiat currency is a shared delusion. 

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