Christ Rules

Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Torah of YHVH.

Christ is the Incarnate Torah

Christ is the Incarnate Torah

The central question of any age, whose answer defines that age, is “Who is Jesus Christ?”

For our anti-nomian age the answer must be, “Jesus Christ is the Incarnate Torah”

The implications of this understanding cannot be overstated. It is the seed from which the cure of all our ills can be found, society renewed, and the nations recover from the devastation wrought by humanism.

“Returning to torah, or direction, a pointing out, Jesus Christ referred to Himself as the Torah when He declared, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me” (John 14:6).The Greek word for “way” is ‘odos, a proceeding, a course of conduct; in Acts 13:10, Romans 11:33, and Revelation 15:3, according to Joseph Henry Thayer’s Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, it means “the purposes and ordinances of God, his way of dealing with men.” The use of “I am” echoed the divine name (Ex. 3:14); the reference to the “way” spoke of the law. Jesus Christ, as the incarnate God, was also the declaration of God’s righteousness and law. By this sentence, Christ made Himself inseparable from either the Godhead or from the law. He is the torah or direction of God; by His declaration, Christ made both Himself and the law more readily identifiable.”

“The Hebrew word for “law” is torah, meaning “a pointing out, a direction, or authoritative direction” from the Lord.’ From the very beginning of Israel’s relationship to God, there was thus of necessity a law, or authoritative direction. Previously, authoritative direction had been given to Adam, the line of Seth, Noah and his descendants, Abraham and his heirs, as well as to other men (as witness Melchizedek and Job). It is impossible for a relationship with God to exist without law.”

RJ Rushdoony: p. 673, 678