Christ Rules


Every area of life is impacted by the religious aspect of man’s being: educational, cultural, political, economical, reproductive, and personal.

The job of Humanism, the dominant philosophy in western culture, is to push you into meaninglessness in every area of your life.  Once this goal is achieved you commit suicide.

The job of Christianity is to offer you meaning in every area of your life.  Once achieved, you have fullness of life and have it abundantly, now and in eternity.

As its name applies, Christianity is centered on Jesus Christ, while Humanism is centered on man apart from Christ.  Both claim that their central entity is the meaning, measure, logic, reason, and context of all of life.  Each sees the other as in hell, the realm of ultimate and utter meaninglessness.  They cannot peacefully coexist.  Between these two exist all other philosophies in some state of progress to toward one or the other, coming into ever greater epistemological self-awareness through a process commonly known as history.  This process is unstoppable.

Let us compare the two.

Claim / Central Entity Jesus Christ Humanist Man
Infallible Word Scriptures (Law-Word) Evolving Political Correctness
Predestination God's Sovreign Will Statist Social Engineering
Responsibility for all things Belongs to God Belongs to the State
Moral Responsibility

1. Family
2. Christians
3. All Men

Universal -> Communism
Leaves Guilt -> Makes people
amenable to robbery by the State

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