Christ Rules

Human Glory

Glory belongs to God.  When a flower is in its bloom and is glorious to behold, it is the creator of the flower who is to recieve the glory, not the flower itself, which is here to day and tomorrow is only fit for the garbage.

Since God must be glorified and all glory belongs to him, what of our human world where men seek to glorify themselves and others without reflecting the glory to God?  Like a shadow or photo that takes glory in itself instead of that which made it or which it represents, glory without God is a curse.  It leads to pride and that is quite bad in itself as pride comes before destruction.

However, another effect is on those who give the glory to one other than God.  When men invest a man with adoration that rightly belongs to God, they also want something in return.  They want a personal relationship with the object of their adoration.  To whom much is given much is required. Stalking is the most extreme outcome.  Another is to invest all devotion in a messianic leader who will surely disappoint and destroy those who trust in him.

The solution when men seek to give you adoration is to deflect the glory to God.  When you see a person on stage accepting an award and they sincerely say something like, "I would like to thank God for making me able to _______ and praise Him for all that He has done.  Thank you Lord Jesus." I can pretty much guarantee that that person will not be stalked.  They will have given the glory to God to whom it rightly belongs and the adorers can all have a personal relationship with God if they truly adore Him.

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